Fighting for a Genuine Women’s Quota and to Stop Violence Against Women in Politics in Ukraine


Erben speaks during plenary discussion on "Is there any progress in democratic transformation in Ukraine?"
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28 Dec 2018

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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) co-organized the Second Ukrainian Women’s Congress on December 7-8 in Kyiv. In one of the early plenary speeches, IFES Senior Global Electoral Adviser and Senior Country Director for Ukraine Peter Erben called for introducing a genuine gender quota that guarantees a minimum of 20 percent women in Parliament, addressing all forms of violence against women in politics, including online, and mobilizing men to stand as allies for gender equality. President Petro Poroshenko also spoke and echoed IFES’ call, saying, “Twelve percent of [members of Parliament] are women and I agree that this number is unacceptably low,” “that is why it is only logical that the interfaction group ‘Equal Opportunities’ insists on gender quotas in the Parliamentary Election Law,” and “we should understand the importance of the real, qualitative influence of women in the decision-making process."

President Poroshenko

The congress brought together over 500 men and women from politics, business, nongovernmental organizations and the media to unite around the idea of gender equality in various sectors of Ukrainian society as a basic element of sustainable development.

Erben’s full remarks, “Fight for a genuine women’s quota and stop violence against women in politics,” are available here.

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