IFES-Afghanistan Interviews Afghans about Democracy, Elections and Women's Role in Politics

Publication Date: 
18 Aug 2009

Members of the IFES-Afghanistan team went out to the streets of Kabul to interview Afghan citizens of all backgrounds and occupations. The four questions asked for these short videos called VoxPops were: "What does Afghanistan need the most at the moment?" (Video), "Will you participate in the elections?" (Video), “Do women have the right to participate in elections?" (Video), “What is democracy?” and “Does Afghanistan need democracy?” (Video).

Kawa Ahangar, the director of the VoxPops project, comments on the experience:

“As someone who works in the field of public relations, knowing peoples’ opinion on specific issues is always an interesting part of my job. Producing these VoxPops was a good opportunity for me to get to know the opinions of ordinary Afghans on the democratic process in Afghanistan and the participation of women in the election. Getting women to talk was a difficult challenge—it shows that Afghan women still need support and encouragement to be more active in our society.

“One of the very interesting things that I learned through these VoxPops is that there is a lot of diversity of thoughts in Afghanistan about democracy, elections and Islam. There is a particularly striking contrast between the young and older generations’ mentalities. It’s a kind of indicator that shows the future of our country as a developed and democratic state.”