IFES Condemns Recurring Violence and Threats to Electoral Process in Afghanistan

Publication Date: 
9 May 2018

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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) expresses grave concern over the recurring threats to the integrity of the electoral process in Afghanistan. Repeated attacks on voter registration centers and election-related facilities in Kabul aim to undermine preparations for the upcoming 2018 parliamentary elections and sow fear among Afghan citizens.

We stand with the people of Afghanistan as they prepare to exercise their fundamental human right to vote and have a voice in how they are governed. We also remain committed to supporting the brave local election practitioners who carry the responsibility of delivering credible elections in a volatile environment. It is only through a peaceful and legitimate electoral process that Afghanistan’s transition to democratic governance can begin to fully materialize.

We also call on the international community and all election stakeholders to collaborate on charting a path forward for the delivery of credible elections that can be accepted by the people of Afghanistan. Since 2002, IFES has supported Afghan partners working toward sustainable democracy, by strengthening electoral institutions and civil society in areas such as electoral integrity, electoral operations, political finance, legal reform, dispute resolution, public outreach, women’s empowerment, advocacy skills, and civic and voter education. IFES’ Afghanistan programs have focused particularly on fostering a new generation of young leaders, both women and men, and supporting the consolidation of democratic processes that are inclusive, transparent, and credible.