IFES Conducts Training in Detection and Enforcement for the NAPC

IFES conducts Training on Detection and Enforcement for the NAPC Featured Image
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5 Oct 2016

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From September 28-29, 2016, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Ukraine conducted a Training in Detection and Enforcement (TIDE) for 16 representatives of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC). This training responds to the increasing need of the NAPC to encourage greater compliance with political finance regulations, increase the effectiveness of regulatory activities, and reduce opportunities for corruption.

IFES’ TIDE program promotes effective regulation of political finance laws through analysis, trainings, and technical assistance for political finance regulators. This particular module was designed to familiarize NAPC staff with international experiences in the detection and regulation of political finance. Moreover, it provided a platform for discussing how good practices can be applied in Ukraine with regard to various regulatory aspects, including, identifying key stakeholders and forming an implementation plan for the agency.

Through initiatives such as TIDE, IFES works closely with the NAPC to increase the effectiveness of political finance regulation in Ukraine. IFES’ technical assistance in this sphere is designed to promote transparent and accountable systems of political finance, enhance the integrity of Ukraine’s political processes, as well as to ensure transparency and a level playing field for parties and candidates.

The training was facilitated by IFES Senior Political Finance Adviser and Regional Europe Office Director Dr. Magnus Ohman and IFES Senior Political Finance Expert Lisa Klein.

This event was made possible with funding from U.S. Agency for International Development, Global Affairs Canada and the United Kingdom government.


Since 1994, IFES has played a significant role in promoting electoral, administrative and legal reform in Ukraine. Together with the Central Election Commission, the NAPC, and non-governmental partners, IFES contributes to dialogue on electoral reform, raises the capacities of local civil society organizations, institutionalizes best practices in training election commission members, and supports Ukraine’s ability to enact critical political finance reforms. Analyses and commentary prepared by IFES and its civil society partners serve as a source of election-related information for national and international stakeholders.

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