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IFES Signs Cooperative Agreement with Kosovo's Central Elections Commission


Washington, DC – IFES has signed a cooperative agreement with Kosovo’s Central Elections Commission (CEC) to provide technical support to the CEC for its November 15th elections.

During a press conference held on October 1, 2009, the Chair of the CEC, the Honorable Nesrin Lushta, said that the cooperative agreement formalizes the support being provided by IFES to CEC staff to prepare for the upcoming elections.

IFES’ work with the CEC has covered a broad spectrum, including the training of observers; improving media outreach campaigns, voter education and awareness; developing count and results centers; and introducing the transmission and recording of provisional election results through SMS. IFES is aiming to help the CEC achieve its goal of conducting efficient and transparent elections.

The agreement of mutual cooperation was signed by the CEC Chair, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Kosovo Mission Director Patricia Rader, and IFES Chief of Party Chedomir Flego in Pristina.

The USAID Director indicated the agreement is another example of cooperation in the long standing relationship between the US Government and the Republic of Kosovo.

The upcoming elections on November 15 will be the first time the CEC conducts local government elections in Kosovo. Previous elections held before Kosovo’s independence on February 17, 2008 were conducted by the Organization for Security and Co‐operation in Europe (OSCE). IFES has been providing technical assistance in Kosovo since 1998.


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