Jamie Dettmer Monitoring the Polls -- Locally and Globally

Publication Date: 
3 Nov 2008

With voter interest at an all-time high, election officials in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. are bracing for record turnout. Dozens of election officials from across the world will be in town to take notes and observe the nuts and bolts of the American voting process during the expected frenzy. From electronic voting machines to rules prohibiting political t-shirts in polling places, we get international and local perspectives on election day.

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Mike DeBonis
"Loose Lips" Columnist, Washington City Paper
Rokey W. Suleman
General Registrar, Office of Elections, Fairfax County (VA)
Kim Keenan
Incoming head of the DC Bar Association. Representative of the Election Protection Coalition, an umbrella group monitoring polling across the country
Stephanie Kaye
Reporter, WAMU 88.5
Jamie Dettmer
Director of Communications, IFES
Johann Kriegler
Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa (1994-2003); member, Independent Review Commission on Post-Election violence in Kenya
Carlos Valenzuela
United Nations Chief Technical Adviser, National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (2006-2007); United Nations Chief Electoral Officer, Liberia (1997), East Timor (2000-2002), Palestine (2002-2004) and Iraq (2004-2005)

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