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Launch of IFES White Paper on IDPs and Electoral Participation in Ukrainian


On Dec. 10, 2016, International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Senior Global Electoral Adviser and Ukraine Country Director Peter Erben unveiled the recently translated Ukrainian and Russian editions of IFES’ newly published global white paper, Internally Displaced Persons and Electoral Participation: A Brief Overview. The white paper, co-authored by Erben, represents the culmination of comprehensive research efforts in Ukraine and worldwide intended to address challenges relating to the electoral participation of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The English global edition of the white paper was launched by Erben, who initiated the research and analysis that led to the development of this paper, in Washington, D.C. in November 2016.

Internally Displaced Persons and Electoral Participation: A Brief Overview explores the following topics:

  • International law obligations and standards for IDP participation;
  • Operational issues and examples of good practice surrounding IDP participation;
  • Development of laws, policies and operational plans;
  • The role of civil society and the international community; and
  • Recommendations for improving IDP enfranchisement.

The white paper was launched during an advocacy forum on the electoral rights of IDPs, organized by the Group of Influence through the framework of an IFES-implemented project, supported by the United Kingdom government. Forum participants, including the Group of Influence’s regional coordinators who are themselves IDPs, worked to strengthen their advocacy and communication skills on key areas affecting the electoral participation of IDPs in Ukraine. After the forum, participants took part in regional press conferences throughout Ukraine as part of a larger effort aimed at enhancing the participation of IDPs in the electoral process.