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Nurturing Democracy in the Maldives


Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has been working in the Republic of Maldives since 2011 implementing a broad range of technical election assistance and civic education activities. In June, IFES held a “Democracy Camp” for 40 youths from throughout the country, aged 14-16.



The primary goal of the camp is to enhance the participants’ knowledge on civic education, rights and responsibilities of a citizen, democracy, human rights and other pressing social issues. The camp provided participants the tools to actively engage in community initiatives and encourage responsible citizenship and civic engagement.


IFES draws upon a long history of similar activities throughout the world. The five-day curriculum combines lectures, small group exercises, competitions, theater and sport to provide a place where students can foster their talents. A key element of the curriculum is developing a community service project to be implemented by post-camp by alumni in their communities, thus cementing a link between camp activities, their communities and real-world impact. 


For this episode we hear the voices of Nihaya Ahmed and IFES Chief of Party Dan Malinovich.