Top Elections NGO Hosts Over 100 International Election Officials for Its U.S. Election Program

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29 Oct 2010

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WASHINGTON — (October 29, 2010) — The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is hosting a two-day visitor’s program  focusing on the U.S. elections. The program will bring together over 100  diplomats, parliamentarians and election officials from all over the world to observe the voting process in the United States and exchange ideas and experiences on voting.

“This program allows election professionals from different countries to discuss and exchange ideas on electoral matters using the U.S. election as a common example. The program also allows the officials build a global network and continue working together in the future,” says Bill Sweeney, IFES president and CEO.

IFES’ U.S. Election Program, which has taken place during every U.S. congressional and presidential election since 1992, provides participants access to leading elections professionals, researchers and local and national representatives of government who have valuable insight into the electoral experience.

Part of the two-day event consists of panel discussions featuring top experts on topics including modernizing voter registries, technology used to support the electoral process, and the media’s coverage of elections. On Election Day, for example, expert political advisors Joe Gaylord, president of Chesapeake Associates, and Ann Lewis, president of the No Limits Foundation, will present their perspectives and lead a discussion of that day’s events.

Another hallmark of the program is a tour of U.S. polling stations to observe voting in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

In the evening of Election Day, IFES, together with the Ambassador of Sweden to the United States Jonas Hafström, will host a reception at the House of Sweden for those attending the program and other guests. Election returns will be followed during the reception.

“Exposing election officials and policy makers from other countries to elections in the U.S. underscores IFES’  belief in the value of peer-to-peer exchanges and promotes the notion that democracy, while  shaped by national norms and customs, is guided by established international standards of accessibility and  transparency,” says Michael Svetlik, IFES vice president for programs.  

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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems is an independent, non governmental organization providing professional support to electoral democracy. Through field work, applied research and advocacy, we strive to promote citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in political life and civil society.   

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