Young Leader Perspective: Binod Shrestha

Publication Date: 
10 Aug 2012

Young persons can be powerful change agents in their communities. Disseminating information on the electoral cycle, volunteering in voter registration drives, observing elections to ensure rights are respected, and forming watchdog organizations are some of the many ways youths around the world are making a difference.

Below is a Q&A with Binod Shrestha from Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Profession: Student

Age: 22

Please tell us about your work around voter registration

Recently I have been able to engage in voter registration for those who missed their chance to register during the registration campaign. We stayed at the help desk and helped people fill out their registration forms. We also visited colleges to inform students of the benefits and process of voter registration.

What motivates you to participate in your country’s democratic process?

Every citizen wants to serve his country, and so do I. I was always looking for the opportunity to do this; it is satisfying to serve people.

What do youth bring to the table when it comes to encouraging greater citizen participation?

I think youth can encourage individuals to know how important it is to participate in elections. They can also produce street drama performances to educate voters or create information pamphlets.

How can we all help foster greater youth involvement?

Awareness is the key to fostering greater youth involvement. We can conduct local level programs and seminars focusing on young people.

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