Young Leader Perspective: Pushpa Sunar

Publication Date: 
10 Aug 2012

Young persons can be powerful change agents in their communities. Disseminating information on the electoral cycle, volunteering in voter registration drives, observing elections to ensure rights are respected, and forming watchdog organizations are some of the many ways youths around the world are making a difference.

Below is a Q&A with Pushpa Sunar from Kanchanpur, Nepal.

Profession: Social worker

Age: 23

Please tell us about your work around voter registration

As an employee of the Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization, I support the District Election Office and the District Development Office as an advocate for voter registration. This includes door-to-door visits to members of the Dalit community, distribution of leaflets and posters, and street drama performances about voter registration.

What motivates you to participate in your country’s democratic process?

I am a Dalit community female; the status of Dalit women is very poor and we have difficulties in Nepal. We have not had access to the democratic process. I have faced difficulties due to low participation in the democratic and political process in my society. I am motivated to  improve participation and access to rights in my country.


What do youth bring to the table when it comes to encouraging greater citizen participation?

You can advocate for better voter education through Distribution of leaflets and posters and discussions on the latest information on voter registration.

How can we all help foster greater youth involvement?

Youth awareness programs or a youth training package might foster greater involvement. This would create a consciousness among youth about the voter registration process and democratic process. We should also provide voter education at the community level.

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