Alessandra Rossi, Country Director, Guatemala

Alessandra Rossi

Alessandra Rossi serves as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) country director in Guatemala and brings more than 15 years of experience in electoral and operational management, civil society strengthening, and organizational capacity building. She possesses extensive knowledge and field expertise in conflict mitigation, peace building, and empowerment of women and persons with disabilities. She is a certified accrediting facilitator for Building Resources for Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE), a modular professional development program with a focus on electoral processes.

In Guatemala, Rossi provides technical leadership and overall direction to IFES’ United States Agency for International Development- (USAID) funded Electoral Governance and Reforms Project. The project contributes to credible and sustainable elections in Guatemala and seeks to improve governance of key institutions and increase citizens’ voices. IFES works to strengthen the capacity of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and works with civil society organizations (CSOs) to increase participation of youth, women and persons with disabilities.

Rossi most recently served as chief technical adviser for the United Nations (UN) Development Programme’s “Electoral Observation Support Fund 2018” project in Mexico, where she worked to strengthen national electoral observation for the 2017-18 electoral process. She provided technical leadership, liaised with representatives from electoral management bodies, CSOs, the UN and the Government of Mexico at the national and sub-national levels, facilitated BRIDGE trainings and oversaw project implementation.

Rossi also served as IFES’ chief of party in Haiti for the USAID-funded Elections and Political Processes Program Activity. The five-year effort seeks to build greater confidence in the electoral process by supporting Haitian-led efforts to strengthen electoral institutions, political processes and civil society to advocate for and institute electoral and political reforms. 

Rossi previously worked for the UN Electoral Assistance Division in Libya as a public outreach and voter education adviser, supporting the implementation of a voter education initiative targeting women, youth, voters with disabilities and rural communities for the 2012 national congressional elections. Shei also served as field electoral coordinator for the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and worked for the UN in Côte d’Ivoire to support the electoral process under the auspices of the peace agreement, particularly enhancing civil registry and voter registration.

Prior to that, Rossi worked as regional electoral coordinator for MINUSTAH in Haiti, where she provided legal advice to electoral authorities regarding the electoral process and provided expertise in electoral legislation review to the Legal Affairs Unit.

Rossi has worked in other Francophone countries, including the Central African Republic, and in Sudan during the referendum process. She also worked as a political and legal adviser at the UN Security Council and for the European Union Youth program in Palestine and Israel.

Rossi holds master’s degrees in law from the University of Bari and in international relations from the Italian Society for International Organization. She is fluent in Spanish and French.



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