Yuliya Shypilova, Senior Electoral Advisor, Ukraine

Yuliya Shypilova is an electoral and political finance expert in the post-Soviet Union region with more than 10 years of experience in strengthening the capacity of electoral management and political finance oversight bodies and developing electoral legislation in accordance with international standards and best practices. Shypilova has expertise in election administration and management, capacity building, electoral integrity, new technologies and cybersecurity in elections, voter education, and participation and inclusion.

At the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Shypilova provides technical assistance on electoral and political finance matters, builds capacity of electoral and political finance stakeholders, and ensures the inclusiveness of electoral processes. Shypilova is also an accredited Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections facilitator.

Shypilova has proven experience managing large donor-funded programs in developing, transitional and conflict environments. She has worked in the post-Soviet Union region on the promotion of electoral and political finance reforms and the effective management of elections. She has worked on a variety of assignments in Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Lithuania and Ukraine, most recently building the capacity of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. Shypilova also has experience drafting election-related legislation, launching the operations of the newly-established anti-corruption agency and political finance regulator National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, and conducting electoral integrity and cybersecurity assessments.



Email Address: 
+1 (202) 350-6700