7 Mar 2012

In Afghanistan, as in all other countries, gender equality is a prerequisite for a well-developed society that assures the realization of economic, social and cultural, as well as civil and political rights to all of its citizens – men and women.

9 Nov 2011

Strategic planning is at the heart of every successful election. It is a fundamental element for every electoral management body (EMB) to function effectively to maintain its own integrity and the credibility of the election.  

15 Jun 2011

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Although successful elections are possible without registering voters, a registration process and the production of a voter register has many significant advantages. Two major advantages are an increase in transparency of the electoral process and facilitating an appeals process for a voter who is denied inclusion.  

8 Jun 2011

Electronic voting and counting technologies are being increasingly used by countries around the world, including India and Brazil. Other countries, however, are leaving technology behind and re-adopting paper balloting, as is the case in the Netherlands and Germany. 

16 May 2011

While electoral complaints adjudication does not often garner as much attention as the casting of ballots, it is a crucial part of the elections process. After all, the legitimacy of an election, and by extension public confidence in democratic institutions, depends in part on the way countries resolve election disputes and complaints.

29 Mar 2011

The Islamic Republic has held 29 elections since its inception in 1979. Legislative, presidential, Assembly of Experts, local council elections and referendums have provided the electorate with a platform to exercise political participation.

15 Dec 2008

Money is indispensable for political campaigns but unrestrained funds can result in corruption. As Nigeria works to strengthen its nascent democracy, Money and Politics in Nigeria, a collection of essays by democracy experts in Nigeria, gives Africa’s most populous country advice on how to handle money and politics issues.