15 Dec 2008
In this comprehensive study of Money and Politics in Nigeria, the authors cover different aspects of political finance in Nigeria such as vote buying, electoral violence, regulatory bodies, and corruption among other topics.
15 Dec 2008

Money is indispensable for political campaigns but unrestrained funds can result in corruption. As Nigeria works to strengthen its nascent democracy, Money and Politics in Nigeria, a collection of essays by democracy experts in Nigeria, gives Africa’s most populous country advice on how to handle money and politics issues.

11 Jan 2008

The Resolution of Election Disputes, 2nd Edition is the most up-to-date centralized information source for understanding, responding to, and preventing election disputes and irregularities in the United States of America. 

30 Apr 2006

Political finance transparency, achieved through the availability (and accessibility) of political account information, can help to illuminate and mitigate the effects of corrupt and illegal practices, while it simultaneously rewards those who “play by the rules.” As such, the disclosure of political accounts is a necessary—albeit insufficient—condition for holding political actors accountab