10 Jan 2022

In countries riven by conflict, weak institutions, social divisions and grievances, political strife and security threats can hinder efforts to build or rebuild democracy and good governance. Donors and implementers need evidence of what works to better support partners in these contexts, optimize resources and adapt and improve programs. 

10 Dec 2021

Ahead of an election, where is the line between expressing political opinions online and campaigning? Can citizens who are not affiliated with a political party or candidate be held liable for campaign violations for posts on social media? Can conduct online lead to the annulment of an election?

30 Nov 2021

The goal of gender equality is espoused by many countries and achieved by almost none.

25 Aug 2021

Technology platforms and products continue to transform politics and elections with prominent implications for voter trust and understanding.

11 Aug 2021

Lebanon is a country of multiple layers of social, confessional, ideological, economic and cultural identities. The political rights of marginalized populations, including women, persons with disabilities, refugees, young people and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people (LGBTQI+), are undermined by systematic discrimination and physical and psychological violence.

6 Aug 2021

International and local experts have repeatedly evaluated the legal frameworks for referendums and presidential and parliamentary elections in Belarus. They have found that the frameworks do not adequately guarantee the conduct of elections in line with international obligations and standards.

5 Aug 2021

International Foundation for Electoral Systems Youth Specialist Ashley Law and Senior Global Inclusion Advisor Virginia Atkinson co-authored “Positive Youth Development: A Bridge to Connect Civic Education and Sustainable Development,” published in the Journal of Youth Development.

30 Jul 2021

Women around the world face obstacles in running for political office, with access to financing playing a critical role. After the 2019 parliamentary elections in Ukraine, the number of women elected to Parliament increased significantly from 11 percent to over 20 percent.

30 Jun 2021

2020 was a particularly challenging and historic year for the Dominican Republic. The February municipal elections and March general elections were postponed as a result of technological failure and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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