3 Jun 2020

“Tough decisions are being made around the world regarding electoral processes, but none should be made disregarding international standards and best practices. During a global health crisis that demands coordinated action for the protection of fundamental rights, close monitoring and international cooperation are acutely in demand.”

27 May 2020

The new coronavirus is a significant threat to Pakistan’s population of 222 million. Past outbreaks and humanitarian crises have demonstrated that men and women are impacted differently.

11 May 2020

Democracies thrive on assembly, transparency and confidence in elections and government institutions—all of which are put at risk by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis erupted during an already troubling global decline in democracy.

27 Jan 2020

The full participation of women in political and decision-making processes as candidates and elected representatives is crucial to democratic development. Ongoing debates about political finance rarely consider the impact of money on women’s representation.

29 Nov 2019

After more than four decades of despotic rule by Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, protests erupted in Libya in February 2011, which ultimately led to eight months of armed conflict and his removal on October 20, 2011. Libya has since been undergoing a democratic transition and its governance model, electoral system and legal framework for democratic elections have been in flux.

25 Nov 2019

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems' (IFES) Dr. Fernanda Buril, a program officer for the Americas and electoral operations technical coordinator, reviewed The Credibility Challenge: How Democracy Aid Influences Election Violence for the Democratization Journal.

31 Oct 2019

While progress has been achieved since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, women in Iraq remain on the margins of political life and are excluded from decision-making processes that affect them. Decisions made and policies implemented by government institutions help shape perceptions of the roles that women and men play in Iraqi society and determine their access to rights and resources.

30 Sep 2019

Social media has transformed politics, opening space for dialogue and creating new pathways for citizen involvement and education. Political engagement has also been plagued by the misuse and abuse of new information communication technologies (ICTs).

14 Aug 2019

In recent years, the prevalence of disinformation, particularly through social media, and its threat to the integrity of elections have become an issue of global concern. While this space is rapidly changing and developing, a better definition of problems and terms, and a deeper understanding of the challenge that social media disinformation poses to electoral integrity are needed.

10 Jun 2019

I joined IFES in November 2018 and am grateful for the Board of Directors’ confidence in my leadership, the warm welcome I have received from colleagues across the organization and former President and CEO Bill Sweeney’s leadership.

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