Abuse of State Resources: A brief introduction to what it is, how to regulate against it and how to implement such resources

Publication Date: 
1 Jul 2011

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“Some activities contributed to a public perception of a lack of distinction between the state and the governing party, as well as between official and party functions of public officials.”

This brief paper deals with three separate but closely related issues – how to understand state/administrative resources and the way they can be abused; how to regulate the (ab)use of state resources in political and electoral affairs, and how to implement or enforce such regulations. An initial look is also provided of the relevant regulations in Georgia, though this paper should be viewed more as a starting than an end point on discussing actions against the abuse of state resources in Georgia.

In relation to elections, the institution set to oversee and counteract the abuse of state resources (ASR) is in many cases the Election Management Body, but other agencies with an overall mandate to control the finances of political parties, anti-corruption agencies and/or the regular legal system have important roles to play in some countries.

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