Publication | Report/Paper

'Annex to Final Project Report, Republic of Tajikistan, October 1, 1997 - September 30, 2002: Preliminary Assessment of Political Parties (1998)


From June 23rd until July 2nd, we had the opportunity to visit and consult with the leaders or representatives of political parties and national movements of Tajikistan.

The groups are as follows:

1. The Peoples Democratic Party

2. The Socialist Party

3. The National Movement "Jumbish"

4. The Democratic Party (Almaty Platform)

5. The Communist Party

6. The Party of Justice

7. The Islamic Revival Party

8. The Party of Justice and Development

9. The Movement of National Unity and Revival

10. The Congress of People's Unity

11. La'li Badakhshon

12. The Democratic Party.

Many of groups have provided us with party platforms, newsletters, by-laws and newspapers and the list of materials received is attached to this report.

Some parties have been unable to be reached but we will continue to attempt to contact them and supplement this report before the arrival of the Assessment team.

OSCE is also gathering information on political parties and will assist in the translation into English of the party platforms and other materials.

The following text will contain the name of the party, its leader and the representative with whom we met as well as the information provided by each interviewee. 

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