Assessment of Voter Registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Central Election Commission's 2018 application form for out-of-country voters and a pen
Publication Date: 
23 Oct 2019

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Steve Canham and Nermin Nisic

Earlier this year, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems' (IFES) Voter Registration Expert Steven Canham and Electoral Technical Assistance Expert Nermin Nisic conducted an assessment of voter registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This assessment included an evaluation of current practices and challenges in compiling and managing the voter registry. In addition, IFES analyzed the current operational and legislative frameworks to evaluate their integrity and efficacy, including looking into issues such as deceased persons, out-of-country voting and the information and communication technology capacity of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

IFES subsequently produced a report, Assessment of Voter Registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to highlight current and future challenges to the country’s voter registration process. It also includes recommendations for improving the CEC's administration of the registry. 

Nisic and IFES Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia Dr. Beata Martin-Rozumiłowicz presented the report’s findings and recommendations to the CEC and other electoral stakeholders during the conference, “2018 General Elections – Challenges of the Electoral Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

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