Briefing Paper on Lebanon's Parliamentary Blocs

Publication Date: 
2 Sep 2009

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On June 7, 2009, Lebanon held parliamentary elections that resulted in a majority of 71 deputies and an opposition of 57 deputies. Each coalition is composed of different political parties and independent deputies. On August 31, the Majority forces held a meeting at the residence of designate Prime Minister Saad Hariri which resulted in a change of composition with 69 deputies for the majority, 57 for the opposition and 2 independents.

IFES in Lebanon produced a briefing paper with tables that clearly illustrate (1) the number of Parliamentarians belonging to each political party and the number of independent Parliamentarians; (2) the number of deputies in each parliamentary bloc as they stand now; and (3) the political affiliation and the parliamentary bloc of each deputy, indicating that some deputies are members of more than one parliamentary bloc, but within the same coalition of the majority or the opposition. These data are subject to change based on the future political developments.

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