Campaign Finance in Foreign Countries: Legal Regulation and Political Practices

Publication Date: 
28 Feb 1999

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This survey gives an overview of the experience of a number of western countries (USA, Great Britain, France, Spain) in terms of financing regulation related to the participation in elections of candidates and political parties. The main attention was given to the implementation of legislative regulations that are aimed at the limitation of the influence of money on the election process. The essential factors that hinder effective control of the state and the civil society over the money flows used for campaign finance purposes are shown.

Existing systems of campaign finance regulation were formed in the 1970-1980s. During the time period that passed after the establishment of institutions for campaign finance control in the US, France and Spain, the most important directions that need to be followed while making reforms have been determined. This survey cites modern experience related to campaign finance regulation in foreign countries, and gives suggestions and recommendations on further improvement of regulations.

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