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Elections in Libya: July 7 General National Congress Elections

From July 3-7, the Libyan diaspora will cast their ballots in the first national election since the fall of former leader Mu’amar Gaddafi. On July 7, Libyans in country will participate in directly electing their country’s leadership.

The General National Congress, a 200-member body, will replace the current, unelected National Transitional Council upon election. The High National Election Commissions (HNEC) has registered 2,501 independent candidates and 142 political associations with 1,206 list candidates. Roughly 2.8 million Libyans have registered to vote, which is over 80 percent of all eligible voters.

In Elections in Libya: July 7 General National Congress Elections, IFES experts answer frequently asked questions regarding the legal framework, voter registration, polling and counting, out-of-country voting and complaints and disputes. Some of the questions answered, include:

  • What type of electoral system will be used in the July election?
  • What is the HNEC Media Center?
  • Can internally displaced persons register and vote? Can they register as a candidate?
  • How will out-of-country voters know what type of ballot(s) to use?
  • How many women have registered as candidates and is there a quota?


For this election, IFES has pulled together a wide array of resources into one place for voters, stakeholders and those interested in Libya. Additionally, in coordination with the United Nations, IFES developed an extensive set of FAQs for the HNEC for Libyan voters in preparation for the General National Congress elections.

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