Final Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Ballot Procurement Haiti Election Support Program

Publication Date: 
31 Dec 1995

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Executive Summary

As required by the Agreement and its amendments the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) procured and delivered ballots for all rounds of the 1995 Haitian local, legislative and presidential elections. These elections consisted of four rounds of local and legislative elections and one round of presidential elections as described below.


25 June Round 1 legislative elections

13 August Round 11/2 partial legislative elections

17 September Round 2 legislative elections

8 October Round 21/2 partial legislative elections

17 December Round 1 Presidential elections


Ballots were produced for all of the above mentioned elections and delivered according to the calendars determined by the Provisional Electoral Commission (CEP). Ballot production/delivery is allocated as follows:



Round 1         17,667,960

Round 11/2    1,676,940

Round 2         7,048,040

Round 21/2    186,060



Round 1         4,235,260


Therefore, under the terms of the Agreement and in support of the 1995 Haitian legislative and presidential elections IFES produced and delivered a total of 30,814,260 ballots.


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