Final Report on the US-USSR Election Exchange

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31 Aug 1989

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Grant Objective and Project Overview

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) received a grant in the amount of $25,000 from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to: "Provide travel costs-airfares for 14 U.S. election officials to the Soviet Union - June 1989."

The U.S. Federal Election commission (FEC) was invited to come to the Soviet Union by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Soviet Union. A thirteen member delegation including the six FEC commissioners, six key FEC staff members and the Director of IFES traveled to the Soviet Union on June 4-14, 1989. The cost of the trip was paid for with the funds of the Mott Foundation.

This trip was very successful and resulted in laying the groundwork for continued dialogue. The FEC's trip represents the first of a three part exchange project between the United States FEC and the Soviet CEC. The second part will be the visit of the Soviet CEC to the United States to observe our election procedures, and the final part will be the establishment of an ongoing information exchange project.

Project Narrative

During the course of the ten day visit to the Soviet Union the FEC delegation participated in extensive meetings with the Soviet CEC. The primary purpose was to exchange information about the election process in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. There was a great deal of discussion regarding the composition and authority of both the FEC and the CEC.

The topics discussed included election administration, campaign financing, candidate selection, campaign procedures, use of media, election procedures, election law, electoral reform, the role of parties, and the role of women in the political process.

The cities visited were Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev. The FEC delegation also held meetings with numerous members of the Supreme Soviet of the U. S. S. R. including Moscow Deputy, Boris Yeltsin. Meetings were also scheduled with the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian S.S.R. and the City Soviet's of Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev. Among the highlights of the trip was a meeting with the First Vice President of the Soviet Union, Anatoliy Lukyanov and visit to a session of the Congress of Peoples Deputies.

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