IFES Annual Report 2010

Publication Date: 
14 Jun 2011

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Every year we strive to increase the impact of our work in the field so each individual's voice can be heard through a just political process. This past year we continued that goal with a few notable "firsts":

  • We assisted the Election Commission of Pakistan write their first-ever 5-year strategic plan to increase transparency.
  • For Iraqis living abroad, we worked directly with the election commission so they could vote for the first time in parliamentary elections. 
  • In Afghanistan, we helped create the first Gender Unit so women can actively participate in the political sphere.
  • And in the Philippines, we worked with the Election Commission so imprisoned detainees were able to exercise their human right to vote – for the first time.

IFES' 2010 Annual Report touches upon other accomplishments like the ones above as it covers the year from January to December, and the globe from east to west and north to south.