IFES Experts Contribute to American Bar Association Book on International Election Remedies

The right to an effective remedy is well established in international law, and stems from the fundamental rights of political participation and universal suffrage. It is the violation of these rights – intentional or otherwise – that necessitates a remedy to restore them. Election experts from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) were invited to contribute four chapters to a publication of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Standing Committee on Election Law, entitled International Election Remedies, published in November 2016.

In “Measuring Effective Remedies for Fraud and Administrative Malpractice,” Senior Legal Specialist Katherine Ellena and Center for Applied Research and Learning Director Chad Vickery take on the difficult task of addressing what are effective remedies where fraud and malpractice affect the election. They emphasize the need for electoral remedies that protect the integrity of the process and electoral rights.

In "Voter Registration," Michael Yard, a former chief of party in Kenya and Uganda, explains that registration of eligible voters is one of the most time-consuming activities undertaken by many electoral management bodies. To further explore this critical component of election administration, Yard explains the difference among passive, man¬datory and optional registration systems. IFES Indonesia Chief of Party David Ennis and former U.S. Elections Adviser Cameron Quinn describe in “Voting and Election Day” the balance between due process and the need for timeliness in addressing problems on Election Day.

Dr. Handley, the director of Frontier International Electoral Consulting, in the “Role of the Courts in the Electoral Boundary Delimitation Process,” provides an expert’s view of the resolution of disputes over the delimitation of electoral boundaries. Senior Political Finance Adviser Magnus Ohman and former Political Finance Specialist Megan Ritchie explore the complex issues of develop¬ing remedies in the area of campaign finance, and provide a series of useful approaches to campaign finance remedies. Legal Consultant Peter Lepsch, in “Media,” develops the overarching theme of this book that the right to vote and the right to be a candidate include the complemen¬tary rights of freedom of expression and right to participate in government through fair access to the media, which is integral to electoral activities.

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