IFES Presidential Election Guidebook

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31 May 1994

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The presidential elections of Ukraine are scheduled for June 26, 1994. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Ukraine has prepared the following presidential election guide book to inform voters, candidates, parliament, international organizations, NGOs, media and other individuals involved with the electoral and political process in Ukraine.

On June 2, 1994 it was debated during the Supreme Rada of Ukraine's morning session whether to reschedule/postpone the presidential elections. It was decided that the elections would take place on June 26, according to the Election Law of Ukraine on the Election of the President of Ukraine, signed by President Kravchuk earlier this year.

As of June 9, 1,069 nominees are participating in the repeat elections scheduled for July 24 of this year. Regarding the death of newly elected deputy Roman Kuper, okruh No. 364, the scheduled date for the election is September 25, 1994.

The new Ukrainian parliament convened May II, 1994 with Chairman Yemets of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine (CEC) opening the session. The total number of seats in parliament is 450. There are 336 certified deputies and the quorum for opening the session as well as the constitutional majority is 226 and the simple majority is 170. On May 18, Oleksander Moroz okruh No. 223, Socialist Party of Ukraine received 171 votes and was elected the new Chairman of the first democratically elected Supreme Rada of Ukraine. This decision was adopted by 242 People's Deputies of Ukraine according to Article 97 of the current Constitution of Ukraine.

Ukraine is currently operating with a Soviet constitution. Although a new Constitution has been drafted, no progress has been made on its adoption and will be one of many challenges facing the new parliament and part of the agenda of many of the candidates for president.

On May 25, the First Deputy Chairman, Olcksander Tkachenko okruh No. 430, Peasant Party, and Deputy Chairman, Oleh Diomin No. 371, Non-Party were confirmed into the presidium by the new parliament.

IFES works with the CEC, NGOs and the international donor and democratic initiative communities to monitor and encourage the transparency of the election process in Ukraine.

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