IFES Review and Analysis of the 2010 Local Election Law in Ukraine

Publication Date: 
30 Jun 2013

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Following the 2010 local elections in Ukraine, observers were critical of the Law on Local Elections, which many believed facilitated irregularities in the poll. As a result, President Victor Yanukovych committed Ukraine to a course of electoral law reform and established a working group to “bring the national electoral legislation in compliance with the international standards and to accelerate its codification.” That working group proceeded to contribute to the revision of the Parliamentary Election Law at the end of 2011.

The Law on Local Elections was adopted on July 10, 2010. Although it included certain changes intended to address weaknesses in the previous law, such as granting domestic nongovernmental organizations the right to observe elections throughout the country, the law has proven to be a deeply flawed instrument that does not provide a reliable legal framework for elections. This paper reviews the Law on Local Elections and identifies important flaws that should be addressed before the next general local elections in October 2015.

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