IFES Russia National Survey: Regional Profiles

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30 Sep 1995

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         The highest levels of interest in politics and government are found in the Urals (45% interested) and the North Caucasus (43%). The lowest levels are shown in the Volga (22% interested) and East Siberia (24%).

         The economic crisis is the number one problem in all regions except Centralno-Chernozemnyi where quality of life issues top the list.

         Satisfaction with the direction of the country is highest in the Urals (15%) and North Caucasus (10%). Satisfaction is lowest in the North/Northwest (3 %) and the Center (5%).

         Optimism about the political situation is highest in the Urals (28% better), East Siberia (22%) and West Siberia (24%). The Volga (40% worse) and Far East (40% worse) are the most pessimistic" regions. The North Caucasus have higher scores in both directions (24% better-41 % worse).

         Voters in' two regions, North/Northwest and East Siberia, express an above-average desire to continue economic reforms. At the same time, voters in West Siberia, the Urals, Volgo-Vyatsky, the North Caucasus, and the Far East have an above average desire to return to state control of the economy.

         Several regions - Centralno-Chernozemnyi, Volgo-Vyatsky, the Urals, and East Siberia - exhibit a greater interest in using western countries as development models. West Siberia, the North Caucasus, and the Volga region on the other hand, are more likely to say that Russia serves as its own best model.

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