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IFES Survey Examines Priorities for Gender Advocacy in Armenia

IFES’ Applied Research Center (ARC) conducted a global survey of practitioners in gender equality and women’s empowerment in 40 countries where IFES is active. The survey identifies key issues and challenges affecting women and girls and examines priorities for advocacy on gender issues. The survey also assesses the effectiveness of women’s organizations and their capacity-building needs to improve future gender program interventions.

This report presents the results from the Armenia survey based on responses from Armenian civil society organizations working on women’s issues. Since 1995, IFES has provided a range of democracy assistance activities in Armenia to a diverse array of local stakeholders, including election officials, voters, civil society organizations, legislators, registration officials, judges, candidates, political parties and local municipalities. Beyond election assistance, IFES has supported the country’s institutions and citizenry in building democracy through programming in civil society; rule of law; civic education; political and electoral culture; and good governance.