Manuals for Political Parties on New Political Finance Regulations in Ukraine Released

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Publication Date: 
28 Dec 2018

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In December 2018, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) developed two manuals on political finance reform in cooperation with its Ukrainian civil society partners. The manuals are part of efforts to raise awareness among political parties in Ukraine about the new political finance rules and promote better compliance.

Manual for political parties on political finance. This manual aims to develop parties’ understanding of key provisions of the political finance reform and introduce them to international experience on money in politics. It explains the reform in detail and gives practical guidance on compliance with the requirements for receiving donations, spending the funds provided by the state to political parties and financial reporting.

Manual for political parties on campaign finance. This manual specifically focusses on the new legal provisions regulating campaign finance of political parties and candidates. Like the manual on political finance, it explains the changes to the legal framework and highlights key issues parties and candidates need to address to comply with the new rules. It contains information on the legal requirements for contributions and expenditures from electoral funds, rules and deadlines for reporting and an overview of sanctions for violating campaign finance provisions.

Both manuals will be distributed to political parties in Ukraine and presented during informational sessions on campaign finance and other events that will be held throughout the country in the lead-up to the March 2019 presidential and October 2019 parliamentary elections.

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