Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 through Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Assistance

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The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis: It is also a political crisis that urgently requires political and governance solutions.

Authoritarians are using the emergency to consolidate power and repress political opposition. The Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) partners are working to help our partners defend democracy, take on the authoritarians and protect the political integrity of countries around the world in this time of acute stress.

A new CEPPS white paper on Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 through Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Assistance focuses on six critical issues during this period of crisis: 1) countering foreign authoritarian influence, 2) preventing the abuse or concentration of power, 3) preserving electoral integrity, 4) reducing opportunities for corruption, 5) curbing democratic backsliding and reemergence of conflict, and 6) reinforcing inclusive and responsive governance. An annex provides specific recommendations for programmatic interventions.

The CEPPS partners continue to provide technical assistance to key stakeholders and are adjusting programming to assist with immediate impacts related to COVID-19.

Established in 1995, CEPPS pools the expertise of three premier international organizations dedicated to democratic development: the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute. CEPPS has a 20-year track record of collaboration and leadership in democracy, human rights and governance support, learning from experience, and adopting new approaches and tools based on the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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