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Nukus Democracy Summer Camp (DSC) Report and Nukus DSC Exit Exam Questionnaire and Results (2000)

Report on the IFES 2000 Democracy Summer Camp

Almost forty students from the Karakalpak region, Buxara and Kolkant gathered for seven days at the 'Altin Dan' recreational facility, thirty minutes outside of Nukus. During this time, the students-with the support of our two local coordinators, Remma Gabitova and Muhhabat Shlimbetova, six teachers, and eight student facilitators-build a state. They agreed on a name, flag and constitution for their "country," named the representatives of a temporary governmental body, appointed a Central Election Commission, formed four political parties, passed a law on elections, and eventually elected a president. Moreover, the students discussed a variety of political issues, such as the pros and cons of democratic governance, as well as issues concerning political rights and civil liberties. Finally, they participated in two workshops, dealing with environmental and children rights issues, organized by two local NGOs, 'Wild Nature of the Aral Sea Region' and 'Shagala.'

Unfortunately, twelve students that we expected to participate in the camp did not arrive in Nukus. According to Palmurza Khojabekov, Representative of the local Counterpart Consortium, these students were held back by the hakims (mayors) of their cities, who had preferred other students (I assume the hakims' pet students) to attend the camp.

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