Pre-Election Technical Assessment, October 1998

Publication Date: 
30 Sep 1998

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A. Scope of Work

The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) conducted a three-week on-site assessment of the Indonesian electoral process in August-September 1998. The assessment focused on the following aspects of the process: status of reform measures; scope, extent and timetable for democratic elections; and actions which must be taken in order for democratic election reform to be facilitated. The mission had the following objectives:

·         Provide an assessment of the current legal and procedural environment relating to the electoral and political system in Indonesia; and

·         Provide recommendations to the GOI and the donor community for actions to take to implement democratic reform, e.g. measures to reform electoral laws, procedures to strengthen the administration of elections, and practices to create a transparent campaign and election process.

The assessment team consisted of an election law specialist, an election administration specialist, and an IFES staff member. They reviewed background information on Indonesia including articles on current political conditions, major drafts of the law on election to the legislative assembly (DPR) and the political parties law, and reports from other organizations. The team conducted interviews and met with approximately 100 people representing government ministries, government departments, the legislative assembly, political parties, election bureaus, non-governmental organizations, the media, and international organizations (See attachment 4). Most interviews were conducted in Jakarta. The election administration specialist also held meetings in the districts of Bankalan and Pasaruan in East Java and Madura.

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