Pre-Election Technical Assessment: Papua New Guinea

Publication Date: 
31 Jan 1999

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A. Scope of Work

The International Foundation for Election Systems' (IFES) Pre-election Technical Assessment was conducted at the invitation of the Electoral Commission of the Independent State of Papua . New Guinea with funding provided by the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Prior to the beginning of the assessment visit, IFES staff had several communications with the Electoral Commissioner and his Deputy to determine the parameters of the assessment and of future IFES assistance in Papua New Guinea. A major factor in determining the focus of the visit was the arrival of an electoral assessment team from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). Every attempt was made to avoid duplication in the efforts of these two assessments. The conclusion of these negotiations produced an IFES analysis that included a general appraisal of the Electoral Commission structure and functions with a special focus on the elections planned for the province of Bougainville by July 1999.

The scope of work for the IFES assessment included examination of the following topics:

         The role and function of the Electoral Commission as it pertains to election planning for the province of Bougainville;

         The current electoral laws and other codes and regulations as well as laws covering the various government entities in Bougainville;

         Ballot design, distribution, collection, and security;

         Anti-fraud and anti-corruption procedures;

         Role, training, and duties of pollworkers and election officials;

         Mechanics of the election process and procedures at polling places;

         Vote counting, certification, and reporting of results, including contest resolution and appeals procedures;

         International/domestic observation preparation and acceptance; and

         Potential for civic and voter education/information.  

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