Public Opinion in Ukraine 2000

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30 Sep 2000

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The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) commissioned Gary A. Ferguson and Socis-Gallup to conduct a national post-election survey in Ukraine. In all, 1,484 personal interviews were conducted with Ukrainians nationwide between January 21 and February 3, 2000. Of these interviews, 1,200 comprised a national representative sample, with an oversample of 244 in Crimea and 40 in Kyiv.

All surveys are subject to errors caused by interviewing a sample of persons rather than the entire population. The margin of error for a random sample of 1,200 is ±2.9 percentage points at a 95% rate of confidence.

The principal analyst and methodological consultant for this survey was Gary A. Ferguson, Senior Vice President of American Viewpoint, Inc. Interviewing was conducted by SOCIS-Gallup under the direction of Oksana Bandurovych. The questionnaire was a joint effort of the analyst and IFES staff, including Michael Conway, IFES Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia; Rakesh Sharma, Applied Research Officer; Carrie Ellis, Program Assistant for Europe and Eurasia; Sarah Hirschman, Program Assistant for Europe and Eurasia; and IFES Ukraine staff.

This is the sixth in a series of surveys of the Ukrainian electorate. Previous surveys were conducted in December 1994, May 1996, July 1997, June 1998, and June 1999.

This survey report:

·         Describes the political environment in Ukraine;

·         Examines views toward economic and political reform;

·         Evaluates public opinion regarding the 1999 presidential elections;

·         Outlines voting patterns;

·         Assesses the outlook for political participation;

·         Gauges the viability of political parties and NGOs;

·         Weighs public confidence in Ukrainian institutions and leaders;

·         Explores issues of ethics and corruption, and

·         Profiles the level of public information and provides an assessment of public opinion on the role of the mass media.   

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