Public Opinion in Uzbekistan 1996

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31 Dec 1996

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The following research group was formed in order to conduct research in accordance with contract concluded between International Foundation for Election Systems, Inc. and EXPERT Research Group under working name "Prospects of Uzbekistan's development":

• Igor Pogrebov - group leader;

• German Kan - selection specialist, software expert;

• Aisholpan Dauletbaeva - technical supervisor.

Preparatory stage started on September 27, 1999. The following activity was realized during this stage:

1) Development of questionnaire documentation in Russian and Uzbek languages.

Questionnaire documentation included:

• Main questionnaire

• Set of cards for questionnaire

• Form of participation registration

• Kish Grids

• Business cards of interviewer

• Forms of household selection

• Instruction of household selection

• Instructions for interviewer

• Letter of recommendation for local authorities

• Form of control visit of households

2) Piloting of main questionnaire

Adept interviewers with not less that 5 years of relevant experience were selected for piloting: Mira Dauletbaeva, Munisa Sharipova, Dilorom Gulyamova, Khasan Nazarov, Mavluda Eshtuhtarova, Sadriddin Edgorov.

Questionnaire testing was conducted in Tashkent and Fergana cities. In total 30 interviews were conducted (20 in Uzbek and 10 in Russian). Respondents were selected from two groups: 16-24 years old and older than 24 years. Man\woman ratio of people selected for piloting was approximately equal.

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