Report of the IFES Delegation Examining the Evolution of the Election Process in Belarus, March 20-24, 1992

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31 Mar 1992

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This document is based on a report by the IFES delegation examining the evolution of the electoral process in the Republic of Belarus. The period of the delegation's visit was from 20 - 24 March 1992. Members of the delegation included:

Mr. Hoyt Clifton, Director Bureau of Elections New Mexico

Mr. William C. Kimberling Deputy Director Office of Election Administration U.S. Federal Election Commission

Dr. Richard Smolka Professor of Political science American University and Editor of Election Administration Reports

Statement of Delegation

As members of the delegation, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) for their funding of this mission. We are also grateful to the IFES staff for their time and effort in making all our arrangements and for providing us the preparatory materials and briefings upon which we relied for some of this report. We greatly appreciated the comprehensive pre-departure briefing given to us by Dr. Paul Goble, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. And too, our appreciation goes to Vadim Razumovsky and other staff of the Russian Embassy in Washington and the Permanent Mission of Belarus at the United Nations for facilitating our visit. But most especially, we are grateful to Mr. Dimitri Bulakhov, Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Belarussian Supreme Soviet, for his invitation (see Appendix (a)) and for providing us Ms. Larissa Volontyrets as interpreter and Mr. Stepan Rafalovitch, Legal Counsel to the Committee, as host. It is they who made our visit particularly memorable.

Finally, we are grateful to all those in Belarus who greeted our visit with such extraordinary warmth, good humor, and hospitality. And it is with best wishes for them and for their future that we submit this report.

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