Report of Observations: Election of the President of the Russian Federation - Runoff Election, 3 July 1996

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30 Jun 1996

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Overview of IFES Coverage

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has maintained a regional office in Moscow since March of 1994. During the 16 June 1996 general election IFES deployed 7 teams of technical observers made up of its on-site expatriate and local staff and consulting specialists. During the first round of the Election of the President, IFES teams observed the polling in Moscow and the rural areas in its immediate vicinity, in two territories in Slavropol Kray across the northernmost border from Chechnya, voting outside the Russian Federation at the Embassies in Washington, DC, Romania and Ukraine.

In follow up to its observations in the first round, IFES deployed 4 teams to observe the voting in the repeat voting on 3 July 1996. IFES provides this follow up document as a supplement to its Report of Observations: Election of President of the Russian Federation, 16 June 1996.

For the repeat voting IFES teams visited polling sites in the city of Moscow and in Solnechnogorsk and Zagorsk (small towns in the Moscow Oblast.) Another team was deployed to Roslov Oblast where the voting in 4 territories were observed. The remote site at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC was visited by the 4th team.  

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