Report on Poll Worker Training Program for the Legislative Election of June 25, 1995 in Haiti

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16 Jul 1995

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IFES's mandate for the training program of the poll workers in Haiti was to work with the CEP to develop a training program and the training material, printing the training manuals in sufficient quantity, prepare a training seminar in PAP in collaboration with the CEP and pay the salary of 30 core trainers. The CEP was the maitre d'oeuvre for the training program an IFES' s role was to assist the CEP. All this work was done between May 29 and July 2.

In the execution of its mandate, IFES encountered several problems. The main problems were a lack of understanding of the voting procedures by the CEP, a lack of collaboration, communication and coordination between directorates of the CEP, especially with the Direction des operations which is the directorate responsible of the voting procedures and the Direction de l'Education civique. The training program itself was dramatically change6 because the UNDP could not provide the 400 animateurs, as the initial scope of work forecasted. All these factors as well as transportation problems, delay in the printing of the manuals and lack of communication and collaboration between the CEP, the BEDs and the BECs, impaired the realization and the implementation of the training program. On June 24, all the training was done but, on June 25 (election day), most of the people trained in prevision of the first round of the legislative election did not show up on the ground because the salary provided by the CEP was insufficient.

Overall, IFES did all the work described in the scope of work and if the "trained" pollworkers had worked on election day, the result would have been somewhat different.

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