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Results from the 2011 Post-Election Survey in Kosovo

Post-Election Public Opinion in Kosovo 2011, IFES’ third post-election survey in the country since 2008, is now available. The poll captures the perspectives of Kosovo citizens on matters such as perceptions of democracy, opinions on the December 2010 elections, and assessments of the overall situation in the country.  

These IFES surveys have provided much insight into the evolution of opinions of Kosovo citizens from immediately prior to the country’s declaration of independence in 2008 to this year. The data not only gives a pulse of the country, but is a thorough gauge of public opinion on the country’s advancing electoral process and democracy.

Some of the key findings show concerns over the economy in Kosovo continue to prevail—sixty-two percent of respondents said they are dissatisfied with the economic situation. There are also growing concerns over corruption in the country (78% said they are dissatisfied with corruption in the country). Additionally, an increased majority of respondents are also dissatisfied with political stability in the country (55% compared to 38% in 2010).

Of note as the talks between Kosovo and Serbia have recently began, When the survey was conducted in early February 2011, majorities in all ethnic groups agreed it was important for Kosovo and Serbia to begin dialogue in order to normalize relations (56% of respondents feel is it very or somewhat important).

When evaluating elections, the survey reveals positive assessments of the electoral process. Most respondents also believe their vote was kept confidential by election authorities in Kosovo (80%), the presence of international (68%) and domestic observers (58%) has a positive effect on the elections, and that they felt safe when voting (98%). Voters found it easy to follow the procedures at the polling station, understand the lists of parties and candidates, and mark their ballot (97%).

Despite a majority of citizens who believe the December 2010 elections were well organized (62%) and free and fair (64%), these sentiments have been declining after each election since 2008 data: 80% of respondents felt the 2009 elections were free and fair and 91% felt the 2007 elections were free and fair.

In terms of democracy, a slim majority of Kosovo Albanians and non-Serb minorities view Kosovo as a democracy (57%), in contrast to 90% of Kosovo Serbs who do not believe Kosovo is a democracy. 

The fieldwork for this survey was conducted from February 3-13, 2011. It is a nationally representative sample of respondents age 18 and above.  The sample includes 1,224 respondents, 92% of which are Kosovo Albanians, 5% Kosovo Serbs, and 3% non-Serb minorities. . The margin of error is ± 2.8% within a 95% confidence interval. Funding for the survey was provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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