Strategic Planning for Effective Electoral Management

Publication Date: 
9 Nov 2011

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Strategic planning is at the heart of every successful election. It is a fundamental element for every electoral management body (EMB) to function effectively to maintain its own integrity and the credibility of the election.  

The second edition of Strategic Planning for Effective Electoral Management is an updated and enhanced version of the original guide published 10 years ago. Written by Antonio Spinelli, an electoral management specialist currently serving as IFES Country Director in Egypt, this second edition reflects the evolving environment an EMB operates in and key lessons learned by IFES in implementing strategic planning initiatives across the world.

Strategic Planning for Effective Electoral Management includes eight detailed steps to develop a strategic plan and links to existing plans from countries around the world. It is a valuable tool for EMBs, election practitioners and anyone hoping to gain insight into the many elements that contribute to a successful election.

“The updated methodology aims to attain management and operational excellence of the EMB. Therefore, the great benefit in adoptingthis innovative toolis that, with time, this process will be absorbed and institutionalized, becoming the EMB's ordinary way of planning and operating,” says Spinelli.


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