Ukraine: The New Parliament

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31 Mar 1994

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During Ukraine's first post-Soviet parliamentary election on March 27, 1994, nearly 500 international observers monitored the electoral process. Overall, 74.78% of eligible voters turned-out to elect a new Parliament. Due to the high number of registered candidates, 5,833 only 49 of 450 parliament seats were filled.

The 38,042,700 registered voters of Ukraine were asked by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine to vote once more on April 2, 3 and April 9, 10, depending on the decision of the constituency electoral commission, (Repeat Voting) set forth in the Election Law, Article 46. Despite predictions of low voter turn-out, nearly 67% of the voters participated in the repeat voting and elected 289 deputies, thus filling a total of 338 seats in parliament.

On April 10, the Chairman of the CEC, Ivan Yemets, announced on television, “our state has a new Parliament." Three days later, the Presidium of the current Ukrainian parliament confirmed that presidential elections would take place on June 26 of this year.

Because many candidates did not meet the standards set forth in the Election Law, 112 seats remain to be filled in the parliament.

Ukraine is currently operating without a new Constitution. Although a new Constitution has been drafted, no progress has been made on its adoption and will be one of many challenges facing the new parliament. The new Ukrainian Parliament is to convene on May 10, 1994, with Chairman Yemets scheduled to open the session.

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