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From Afghanistan to Zambia, the International Foundations for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on elections. IFES’ FAQs cover a range of important questions – detailing everything from Election Day procedures to electoral legal frameworks to provisions to provide access for persons with disabilities – offering comprehensive primers of important electoral processes.

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2 Apr 2014 | Election FAQs
On April 9, Indonesians will elect members of the national level legislatures and sub-national legislatures in what is one of the most complex electoral events globally.
28 Mar 2014 | Election FAQs
Afghans head to the polls on April 5 to cast their ballots for the country's next President and members of the country's 34 provincial councils. Read IFES FAQs to learn more about these...
20 Mar 2014 | Election FAQs
Citizens of the Maldives vote this Saturday, March 22, for a new parliament. IFES FAQs shed light on these elections.
13 Mar 2014 | Election FAQs
On Saturday, March 15, Slovaks will head to the polls to elect a successor to President Ivan Gasparovic who is currently finishing his second – and final – term in office.
4 Mar 2014 | Election FAQs
Colombia’s National Electoral Council has been steadily preparing for the Congressional and Andean Parliament Elections on March 9. IFES' FAQs sheds light on the electoral process. 
18 Feb 2014 | Election FAQs
On February 20, registered Libyans were scheduled to elect 60 members of the Libyan Constituent Assembly.
31 Jan 2014 | Election FAQs
On February 2, 2014, Thailand will hold General Elections. IFES' Frequently Asked Questions shed light on the polls. 
29 Jan 2014 | Election FAQs
Salvadorans head to the polls on February 2, 2014. Find out more about these elections in IFES' FAQs.
29 Jan 2014 | Election FAQs
 On February 2, Costa Rica will hold national elections to elect a new President. IFES FAQs gives insight into these elections.
24 Jan 2014 | Election FAQs
The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) frequently asked questions (FAQs) Elections in Tunisia: 2014 Independent High Authority for Elections Selection discuss key...
10 Jan 2014 | Election FAQs
On January 14-15, 2014, Egypt will hold a constitutional referendum marking the first major step in the nation’s most recent political roadmap outlined by interim President Adly Mansour...
19 Nov 2013 | Election FAQs
All eyes will be on western Africa for the first rounds of key legislative elections in Mauritania on November 23 and in Mali on November 24. IFES' FAQs shed light on these polls.