The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a unique offering of multimedia products – such as Election Day photo galleries, podcasts featuring IFES experts and videos of IFES events – highlighting our work around the world to support citizens’ right to have a say in how they are governed.

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15 Aug 2007 | Multimedia
Presidential and Parliamentary Elections were held in Sierra Leone on August 11, 2007. National and International Election Observers were present to monitor the vote for free and fair results....
11 Jul 2007 | Multimedia
Armenia’s successful elections in May are due in part to the hard work of its election officials. See them in action in this photo gallery.
5 Jun 2007 | Multimedia
Richard Soudriette steps down as president of IFES in June after 19 years. Here is a look back at some memorable moments.
9 May 2007 | Multimedia
IFES is working to enfranchise Armenia’s 140,000 registered voters with disabilities. One USAID-funded project allowed IFES and local partners to build wheelchair ramps at nine polling places...
13 Apr 2007 | Multimedia
Photos from the vendor hall at the 2007 Global Electoral Organisations Conference
12 Apr 2007 | Multimedia
Photos from the special events at the 2007 Global Electoral Organisations Conference
3 Apr 2007 | Multimedia
Photos from the plenary sessions of the 2007 Global Electoral Organisations Conference
5 Jan 2007 | Multimedia
IFES' Most Striking Images From 2006
3 Nov 2006 | Multimedia
Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets of Kyrgyzstan's capital to call for the resignation of President Kurmanbek Bakiev. The president said in a televised address that he would not step...
24 Aug 2006 | Multimedia
Tajik government officials worked side by side with high school students during a historic forum that looked for ways to adopt an IFES program as their own.
3 Aug 2006 | Multimedia
Photos from election day in the DRC
26 Jul 2006 | Multimedia
One of the tools used by IFES’ local trainers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was the boîte à images, or picture box. The boîte contains 27 pictures that illustrate important concepts of...