The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) long-standing opinion research programs are focused on providing data on citizens’ voices to inform and evaluate IFES programs of support, as well as to provide reliable data on the electoral and political environment impacting these programs. Topical and opinion surveys provide electoral stakeholders with research findings that can bring clarity to often-opaque processes and identify tangible programmatic approaches in challenging environments. With more than 30 years of experience in conducting applied research, IFES is an industry leader in using evidence-based approaches to address critical issues and advance innovation in democracy and governance programming.

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7 May 2007 | Surveys
Survey of Arab Democratic Institutions
7 May 2007 | Surveys
Survey of Arab Democratic Institutions
9 Apr 2007 | Surveys
The results of this survey are based on face-to-face interviews conducted under the direction of IFES by Practical Political leaders elected in the polls to be held in April 2007 will have no easy...
30 Nov 2006 | Surveys
A survey of the knowledge and opinons of Aceh residents concerning the 2006 Pilkada elections.
5 Oct 2006 | Surveys
IFES’ 2005 survey in Azerbaijan reveals a pessimistic public opinion with respect to several key issues than the 2004 survey. The results suggest that most Azerbaijanis are dissatisfied with the...
28 Feb 2006 | Surveys
This report details the findings from a first-of-its-kind survey of citizens in Kosovo who have filed a case with the country’s district or municipal courts. USAID commissioned this survey to gauge...
14 Jan 2006 | Surveys
This report details the findings from a public opinion survey in Kosovo. The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews with 1,226 respondents throughout Kosovo between 08 and 26 August...
30 Dec 2005 | Surveys
An increasing number of Kyrgyzstanis believe that they can change their country’s situation by voting, believe their country’s recent elections have been conducted fairly, and support new methods of...
12 Dec 2005 | Surveys
A significant percentage of Ukrainians express disappointment in socio-political developments in the country since the Orange revolution. The Party of Regions is the leading choice for the...
3 Apr 2005 | Surveys
This report details findings of a just-completed survey conducted in Ukraine. IFES' public opinion research in Ukriane is a vital contribution to the more than 50 survey and focus group projects IFES...
31 Mar 2005 | Surveys
This survey assesses the public opinion environment in Indonesia a few months after the ascension of Susilo Yudhoyono to the presidency. The survey finds that economic matters are of greatest...
3 Feb 2005 | Surveys
This 2004 public opinion survey conducted in Azerbaijan shows Azerbaijanis in a more positive frame of mind with respect to many key issues than was documented in IFES’ 2002 or 2003 surveys. Unlike...

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