IFES Pre-Election Survey in Myanmar

Publication Date: 
6 Nov 2015

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) fielded a national survey in Myanmar from April through May 2015 to gain greater understanding of opinions and attitudes of citizens of Myanmar toward the election process in the country. The survey was specifically directed at determining the level of knowledge about the election process among the overall population and major population sub-groups in the country, as well as the ways and means through which Myanmar people obtain information about the political and electoral process in the country. This data will aid the Union Election Commission (UEC), IFES and other electoral stakeholders in the design and implementation of voter education and motivation programs in the period leading up to the 2015 general elections. The data will also allow electoral stakeholders to understand attitudes toward the electoral process and electoral institutions. IFES will also conduct a post-election survey to measure shifts in knowledge and attitudes due to voter education efforts and the experience of the election itself. The findings of this survey will help design future voter and civic education programs for electoral events in the next cycle.

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