IFES Yemen Survey: Briefing Report 2012

Publication Date: 
12 Oct 2012

Following Yemen's early presidential election in February 2012, IFES conducted a nationwide survey of voting-age adults in Yemen, establishing a baseline of data on a range of political and electoral issues pertaining to the election and views on future electoral events.

Survey questions were designed to assess attitudes toward the 2012 presidential election and satisfaction with the current situation in Yemen by measuring availability of information leading up to the election and public perceptions of the electoral process. The survey also sought to capture the experience of traditionally marginalized voter groups, such as women and persons with disabilities.

Key findings include:

  • Despite having only one presidential candidate on the ballot, a majority of Yemenis felt the elections were free and fair, and plan to participate in upcoming electoral events.
  • While there is a high dissatisfaction with the current state of economic affairs in Yemen, many Yemenis are optimistic that the transition will bring about more stability and less violence.
  • Significant regional disparities exist, with southern governorates typically more critical of the electoral process and Yemeni national institutions than the rest of the country.

Read IFES Yemen Survey: Briefing Report 2012.

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