June 2015 Public Opinion Survey in Ukraine

Publication Date: 
8 Sep 2015

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) fielded a national survey in Ukraine from June 15 to 25, 2015, with a total of 1,558 interviews in areas outside Donbas and Crimea. The survey measured respondents’ views on the overall direction of Ukraine; confidence in political leaders and institutions; views on democracy; and attitudes on corruption and campaign finance reform, among other things. Overall, the survey found that Ukrainians are decidedly more skeptical about the direction of the country since 2014 parliamentary polls. 

The margin of error for a sample of this size is plus/minus 2.5 percent. Interviews were conducted in all oblasts outside Donbas for this sample and the sample is representative of the Ukrainian population outside Donbas and Crimea. In addition to this national sample, an additional sample of 209 interviews was fielded in Donbas. Due to the lack of official data on population transfers in Donbas over the past two years as well as concerns about possible intimidation or adverse influences impacting responses of those interviewed, the data from this sample in Donbas is not considered representative. Rather, it may be indicative of opinions that may exist among current residents of Donbas. The Kiev International Institute of Sociology conducted all fieldwork and data processing for this survey.

IFES has conducted regular public opinion surveys in Ukraine since 1994.

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